The Dada collage pioneer Hannah Höch, how to make a perfect martini, poetry spamming by Ilya Kaminsky and more.
The first abstract artist Hilma af Klint, the most popular books of all European countries, why we have the tendency to trust authority and more.
Things you probably didn't know about Ukraine.
The Victorian 'fairy painter' Richard Dadd, how common is your birthday, wonderful fox portraits and more.
The author of the Moomins Tove Jansson, a list of life lessons, this week's book (and series) recommendation and more.
Tilly Anderson, a 19th century bicycle racer, your perfect European precipitation country, why it's good to have unrelated hobbies and more.
The émigré Russian artist Zinaida Serebriakova, Japanese money philosophy, this week's book recommendation and more.
The most influential American outsider artist you've never heard about, how fast do we forget, how to get your way according to Mel Brooks and more.
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