Escape your filter bubble

Welcome to Crate of Curios! My name is Kristel Pent although on the internet you’ll more often find me using the name Bonaramis. I am many things - an illustrator, comics artist, riso printing enthusiast and compulsive bookmarker among others.

The Crate of Curios was mainly born for two reasons - I am an extremely eclectic reader and collector of information and I’d been thinking about setting up a newsletter for years now, but had not found a format that agreed with me. Artist newsletters are supposed to be news about my life and studio, yet I highly doubt that anyone would find them particularly interesting. My life, I’m afraid, really isn’t that exciting.

However, luckily I managed to stumble upon the newsletter of Austin Kleon. I liked what I saw and decided to steal like an artist. Apparently it was a good thing - instead of dreading the weekly newsletter, I find myself looking forward to writing it. I’ve deliberately decided to keep it short, as I do tend to read longer newsletter mainly halfway and then promise myself to return to them later, which I very rarely do. So I’d like the reader to be able to peruse the Crate of Curios in one go.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy composing it!

You can read the first 10 Crates of Curios over on my website